Postmark JUL 12, 1907 (“(I love you dear) Friday”)

It is much easier to write in love than any other way

My Dear Sweetheart,

It is time for my car to go but I must write a few words to you, it is next to impossible to go one entire day without saying something to you. I love you, I love you I love you, I love you. Come back soon. The car is just starting, but I cannot stop I love you. Frances called up yesterday and wanted to know when I was going to N.H. and how long I was going to stay. I love you I love, — she sent her love to you. And I love you. My tooth aches terribly, tremendously. I want you.

Mabel (116 Gladstone) lived just up the street from Chester (79 Gladstone) in Cranston, R.I.

I hate to look up to 116 Gladstone St. I want you to come back to me, I love you. Haven’t heard from the tunnel yet but it may come in a little while and it may be months you know. I love you.

Well darling, I cannot delay any longer so will close, will bring to an end, in other words, this letter. Very extremely reluctantly, unwillingly, needless to say, I could keep on writing all day, as much as I used to dislike writing and as hard as it seems to be. It is much easier to write in love than any other way. Dearie, dearie I love you. 

The end. but continued tomorrow.

Love to all and to you dear.


p.s. In addressing your envelope just now, I started to write My Dear, instead of Miss Mabel. I love you.

She was on vacation with her parents in Alton, N.H.

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