Postmark JUL 15, 1907 (“Sunday Morning Love — Love — Love.”)

it is like tearing my own heart out — ***!!!???

My Darling Love, my Precious Sweetheart, Dearie dearie dearie dearie dearie, Can’t you come home for just this afternoon, you know how I want you dearie don’t you? I love you I love you. My thoughts, my heart, my soul, my mind, my whole being is one continuous, never ending, everlasting love letter to you. Whatever is happening or has happened or is going to happen, I am constantly saying “I love you dear, I want you dear, fly to my arms, lay your dear head on my shoulder, let me kiss those sweet lips, let me kiss those precious tears away, let me hold you tight forever and forever and forever — darling I love you,” Let me look into those deep brown eyes dearie, let me look way down to the bottom. There are precious treasures way down at the bottom of those eyes for I have seen them before — I would never tire of looking at them. Just one look, just one hugg, just one kiss, just one word of love, love, love and even then I wouldn’t be satisfied, I shall always want just one more there will never be a last one. Darling my own darling, I love you, I love you, I love you.

They are calling for me to come and help make ice-cream, dearie it makes me nearly go crazy even to have anyone speak to me, sometimes I will get to talking, laughing, cracking jokes and making the others laugh but it is all a crazy nervousness. I don’t feel like laughing at anything or saying anything, but they don’t know it. Dearie, dearie I want you, I need you I love you. I hope you will feel better so that you may enjoy as much as possible the vacation, but it is pretty hard to enjoy anything, really enjoy it, even if you, (we) do feel in good health isn’t it? (Yes, dear we are going to spend our lives together, and we will enjoy our lives then, all the more for being separated now, but I don’t want to have any separations at all in the heart. It makes me throb and thrill all over and through to read your dear letters. Well I have written all this and haven’t started to help with that ice-cream — it seems as if I couldn’t stop. I love you I love you I love you I love you! — it is like tearing my own heart out — ***!!!???

Here I am, dearie back again at last, we had good luck with it, come and have some with me out in the hammock. It is a beautiful day, too good to lose. I am not dressed up for Sunday and don’t think I will for I am not going away anywhere. I had to take a Danielson car the other day to go on business (alone) and I don’t know how I ever got through with it. I love you, I love you I love you. We didn’t have to work Saturday afternoon and so I spent the time on some work for Mr. Tripp. It took me all the afternoon to do a few hours work because I would keep finding myself sitting back in my chair and thinking hard of you you you you I can think of nothing but you my “angell” my darling…

 (to be continued…)

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