Postmark JUL 15, 1907 (“#3.”)

If you don’t want me to kiss you right on the station platform, you had better not meet me

(Continued…) Sunday Evening. L  O  V  E

Let me put my arms around you dearie. Come to me now don’t wait any longer. This is the worst Sunday that I ever spent. I have been in the house the whole day long except for a few hours (about two) this morning when I went out in the back yard. Mother is playing on the organ and the music just about upsets me. Instead of writing this letter to you dear, I ought to be up on that piazza, in that hammock with you in my arms, your cheek against mine, — it makes me crazy. Come back come back come back come back.

I don’t know whether I can stand another Sunday or not. It is hard enough every day in the week. I love love you you you love love lovvvvvvvve love love love!!!!!?? Oh my own precious darling if I could only put my arms around you, if I could only feel you snuggled up close as I could squeeze you right next to my heart — “not in my vest pocket,” but right next to my heart, “O, goodness don’t you understand?” — right next to my heart.” It would ease the ache in my heart. My heart will ache just as long as you are not in my arms.

Mabel’s train station in Alton Bay, N.H. had just been built in 1907.

If you don’t want me to kiss you right on the station platform, you had better not meet me when I come. — I couldn’t wait until we could get away.

As soon as my vacation is over I think I shall try and find another job whatever it may be in my line, and wherever it may be, as long as there is a larger salary with it, I can’t stand it this way any longer. To-day has about knocked me out. Come back Come back Come back Oh sweetheart, it keeps coming upon me, that I must have you right away, I must put my arms around you. Dearie, I hope that this experience is all for the best, it is a pretty hard experience for us both. I love you, I love you, I love you I love you I love you I love you. You will never go away again dearie unless I go to.

It has taken all day to write this letter, I cannot leave it. I cannot talk to you, therefore I must write to you, say something to you. Whatever it is, you are concerned. If it lasts much longer, I doubt whether you will find me in my right mind or not when you return. I feel half crazy now and guess this letter sounds crazy. I am in love dear, in love with you and desperately in love with you.

Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love,


Monday A.M. = I love you love you love you. Come back. I want you. I love you I want you. Come dearie, my arms are waiting.

I love you

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