Postmark JUL 20, 1907 (“Friday Evening, July 19, ’07”)

you are the only specimen in Nature’s Nursery

Oh my Darling, if I could only put my arms around you now, it might result disastrously for you. I came home tired all out or rather all tired out (in love so much I can’t talk straight) it was nearly 8 o’clock. It was so warm that the perspiration was running from my face and hands, but I dragged myself in, straight to the mantlepiece where all of your letters wait for me. It was dark and I fumbled around quite a while (there was no time you know to light a lamp) without finding it, but I could not give it up. I was tired dearie, and as I couldn’t have those dear arms, those dear fingers, or that dear lap to sooth me, I must have that letter to sooth me. I believe I should have hunted all night if I couldn’t find it before. You will probably say “well why didn’t that poor darling of mine ask where the letter was?” Well — your poor darling never asks or says a word to anyone about these letters. The first thing he does upon returning home is to go directly and get that precious letter, without taking off his hat or coat or even saying hullo to the others. Isn’t he strange. If it were not for those letters — ##@@**!!! I love you dear!!!

Merrymeeting Lake looking East, New Durham, N.H.

You took particular pains too get that letter here to-night didn’t you dear? Writing before you left for Merry Meeting Lake to go all day fishing.

You must have known, or something a mysterious something, told you that I would need a letter to-night. It cheered me so much, and rested me so much that I couldn’t wait until to-morrow morning to write, I had to sit right down and write now to-night. You are my dear, precious loving, sweet, thoughtful “water-lily” of the rarest and most beautiful type. You are the only specimen in Nature’s Nursery. Some flowers are beautiful, some flowers can think, some flowers can love, some can love and be loved, but not of them can be beautiful and can think, and can love, and be loved all at once but just you my own dear you. Oh darling if I could only put my tired head in your arms!! I want you, I love you I love you Oh I want and love you.

Flora Mason JonesChestersMotherPhoto
Chester’s mother, Nora Mason Jones

Mother just came in and said to me “you don’t have much to say to folks nowadays do you” and she said last night after she had asked me one million 4 hundred and 38 questions that it was a hard days work to get me to say anything. You see dearie sweetheart that it sort of locks my tongue when your gone — gone away off. I love you, dear. Come back, I can’t help but say “come back” all though I know you cannot come. I want you, love! I read your letter before supper and also while I was eating it. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you, “a pair of soft arms at the journey’s end,” “a precious darling letter at the journey’s end” nowadays, a bright and cheerful fireplace at the journey’s end, a dear, sweet, pure, true darling Mabel at the journey’s end, and a dear sweet pure, true darling Mabel at the journey’s beginning, and all through the journey. I love you I love you, I love you. Put your arms around my head it is hurting. Make allowances for your crazy sweetheart lover for writing such letters, but he knows no better and cannot help it.

Love to you all from all of us. My love to you dear. I love you dear.


I love you dear.


(Love from me all to you all)

Anyway love, Chester


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