Postmark JUL 25, 1907 (“Wed.”)

I will say it 114 times if necessary

I haven’t eaten my breakfast yet or even washed my face and hands + it is about time for my car now, but I love you and this letter must be written.

Precious Love, Darling Sweetheart, My {priceless wonderful} treasure.

Do you imagine dearie, that it did me any good last night to come home and find two letters waiting for me, and they were both from sweetheart — you!! Oh those letters — darling were ever letters like our (your and mine dearie) written before? Such love letters. No one else could write such letters as you, letters that will make one’s heart nearly jump from its place, or make it feel as tho’ it had stopped altogether, and or make it have both feelings at once? No! No! Such deep love. The effect of those letters is not so perceptible at first, but it gradually grows, and deepens, and takes hold with tremendous  force and finally I am overcome with such a terrible longing and yearning for you dear that !!!!###***??? That is the kind of love that you and I want, and must have, isn’t it, my precious darling? — a love that takes hold not to let go, one that does not come one moment and leave the next, a love that always grows and ever deepens, becomes stronger a boundless, unending, everlasting and tremendously powerful love. Love like ours.

Get strong as quick as you can won’t you dear. If I were only there, I would be strong for you. I am coming dearie before long, I am coming. Will you please forgive me dearie, but I entirely forgot about that music, my state of mind was such, last Sunday, that it didn’t remember anything but Mabel, Mabel, Mabel, Mabel. I will think of it next Sunday.

Tell your mother if it will help her any by my saying that I am sorry she is sick, that I will say it 114 times if necessary. Mother says she will go and see Mr. Cummings this week and sends her love to you all. Oh there isn’t room or I can’t stop to tell “news,” it makes me get nervous and impatient, I must say I love you and talk about love, all about it. Try and not get tired of it dearie, but I am so full of love that it must come out, love for you my very extremely valuable (priceless) treasure. Come right back darling, I can’t wait. You went fishing alone and I was working away in the office. That is preposterous whatever that is. I want you, I need you, I love love love love (let me put my arms around you and kiss you kiss you, kiss you) love love love love love love you dear.  It is one continuous train of love, around and around and around.


p.s. My aunt Emma came last night and I went to a stock-holder meeting with her, but you you you were not there. She returns home this morning. I want you. I want you.

As a voice major, Mabel performed “These are they” at Hillsdale College

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