Postmark AUG 12, 1907 (“Mond. A.M. before breakfast, 1907.”)

— the music is the atmosphere in which my love moves

My Darling darling darling darling dearie,

There is but very little time for me to write this morning, as it is 7 o’clock now. but will say all I can. We (the Hopedale folks) all went to the band concert yesterday P.M. + evening. and it was fine. They had a tenor soloist from New York, that sang splendidly. I would give a great deal if I had such a voice. He sang “Dreaming.” — he was dreaming of his sweetheart and dearie it made me dream — of you you. It was a beautiful piece. And then Bowen R. Church played a solo — “Nearer My God to Thee,” with the prettiest accompaniment nearly, that I ever heard. It made me catch and hold my breath, and it seemed to me that I must have you.


It always makes me want to have you in my arms, it always inspires the deepest and strongest feelings. It seemed as if I would break, I did not feel as tho’ I were actually on the band stand listening to beautiful music but as tho’ I were somewhere, I do not know where, it could not be described, but somewhere where everything was perfect, splendid, glorious, where love, deep pure and strong, was the only sentiment. Oh dearie dearie dearie dearie dearie, I love you I love you, it is you it is you you you that makes me feel like this, — the music is the atmosphere in which my love moves, it arouses my feelings, it inspires me, but at the bottom, it is all my love for you dearie, — my “waterlily” — that carries me off “somewhere” where everything is perfect. I love you dear I love you I love you.

Yes dearie, I will be there Thursday noon time, rain or shine. Now a few questions. Do I buy round trip tickets from Providence — or from Boston. if I buy round trip tickets do I say anything about the special rates to Alton Bay? I see by the time table you sent that I was confused in the order of stations. I tho’t Loon Cove came after Alton, but it is all straight now. You will have to find out whether the train stops at the Cove also won’t you? I want to be sure + get off where you are waiting…

Well dearie there isn’t time to write more, I love you and will be kissing you 4 days from now. I love you. My “waterlily.”


This would have been Chester’s train station in Providence, R.I.

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