Postmark JUL 9, 1907 (“Monday, 1907”)

I managed to eat a little supper  — (it nearly made me choke)

Dearie, dearie, dearie, dearie, dearie, dearie, this is about the toughest trial I have had. I love you, love you, love you, love you dearie. When the train started dearie, I thought I would explode, it seemed as if I could not stand it. Do you know darling that I very nearly took you in my arms and kissed you kissed you kissed you kissed you and kissed you. Everything turned black and whirled around.

Mabel took the train to Alton Bay, N.H.

Let me kiss you dearie — just once — and let me put my arms around your darling sweet self. I am nearly crazy. Love, love, love, yes I love you. It seems as if I must put my arms around you before I go to bed tonight. I want you dearie, I want you I want you I want you I want you. Everything has been a blank all day. O dearie, dearie I want you right here right now, right in my arms, I want to feel that dear sweet soft cheek against mine, I want those dear loving gentle fingers smoothing my hair back from my brow, I want those dear sweet lips, I want, I want, I want you. I love you dear — I love you dear.

I managed to eat a little supper  — (it nearly made me choke) — and then I went to search for David. I left as weak as a rag. When I got into the house, I went straight as I could to your dear room first — and I just through [sic] myself on your bed and nearly cried my eyes out. Dearie, dearie, dearie, dearie, it is too much for me. I believe I kissed about everything in the room. I love you dear, I love you dear. I went from one room to another but there was no Mabel, no Mabel to answer my call, no Mabel to come running to my arms, no Mabel for me to kiss, no Mabel no Mabel anywhere — dearie — it was all too quiet and lonesome, it seemed as if my heart would break and my head would split. Come to me dearie, I want you, I love you, I love you. David was on the fence when I came out and we both felt pretty sober. He rubbed his back against my hand and said he was lonesome “as the Dickens” and I told him that I was. He said he didn’t see why things had to be so, and I said I didn’t either. He said he wished you would come back and I said I wished you would too. He said he loved you and I said I loved you too. He said it seemed as if you had been gone all summer and I said “yes it did.” He said perhaps it is all for the best and I said “perhaps.” Then we both said “good-night.” He said he couldn’t help but cry and I said I could’t either. We have both grown thin. He sends his love.

I went up at 4:30 and handed in my application for the railroad tunnel. It may be a few days and it may be months, but dearie it is there. He said not to get my hopes too high, for prospects are not very bright at present, but dearie my hopes are high for your dear sweet sake, my hopes are high. It doesn’t seem as though I could wait. I love, I love, I love, I love you. Come back to me dearie. I don’t believe I can get myself to go up to the house again. I will get desperate. I love you. I say, I feel, I think, I do, I glory in that love, love without bounds.


Chester applied for work on a railroad tunnel; this one was under construction in Providence in 1907.

7 thoughts on “Postmark JUL 9, 1907 (“Monday, 1907”)

  1. What an interesting undertaking you have thrown yourself into Nina. What a happy distraction from today’s world. It feels nice to think of a summer long ago and to read how much this man loves this woman. The power of his passion reminds me of my youth which makes me smile. He seems a little over the top which makes me wonder what life is like when you only have a few things to think about like a job and the woman you love and no distractions from devices, radio, television. Does that make room for more thought, more feeling, more passion?…… I wonder if they married and if they did, how long were the married? Was it a successful marriage? Did his love and passion last? I look forward to tomorrow’s installment!


  2. Like Kristine Jelstrup, I am excited to read more and am thrilled that you have brought Chester and Mable alive to us! It is fun to imagine how different life was a century ago, and how much we have lost with our speedy technology. I am also curious to read Mable’s response to this impassioned romantic partner. Who knows, maybe this can be the basis of a new series: Chester Loves Mabel! Thank you Nina for such creativity and imagination in bringing this forth!


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